DT 27015-27109

DT 27015

Second week in a row I just haven’t got into Monday’s which is usually a favourite.

Applications for injury benefit perhaps (11) = ANTISEPTICS

cryptic def.

Animated spider in webbing (8) = INSPIRED

webbing = anag. (of spider on)

flapping sails of hemp fibre (5) = SISAL

flapping = anag. (of sails)

The Services may prove decisive in these struggles (11) = TIEBREAKERS

DT 27016

To unsay what has been said about sappers is cowardly (8) = RECREANT

to unsay what has been said = RECANT, sappers = RE (Royal Engineers)

Alluring Island castle (6) = GLAMIS

alluring = GLAM, island = IS

DT 27017

People who malign dealers importing duck without wings (9) = TRADUCERS

dealers = TRADERS, duck without wings = UC

Shadow barmen up for replacement (8) = PENUMBRA

replacement = anag. (of barmen up)

DT 27018

One tries hanging over bed (6) = TESTER

DT 27019

Part of actor‘s register in speech (4) = ROLE

in speech = h. part of actor = ROLE h. ROLL = register (cf. roll call, electoral roll etc.)

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