DT 27009 – 27013

Very tricky Monday (!) and Friday (at least Friday got 4* difficulty on Big Dave) but otherwise ok:

DT 27009

Indian who may keep watch for you (6) = PAWNEE

(American) Indian = PAWNEE = oppsite of pawner

A religious point to follow secular persuit? (12) = STEEPLECHASE

religeous point = STEEPLE, persuit = CHASE

Oriental bamboo fencing (5) = KENDO

Sorry expression for one banishing the blues (9) = WOEBEGONE

split 3,2,4

In the quick: Welcome (3) = AVE (AVE MARIA?)

DT 27010

United aware of Everton’s lead (2,3) = IN ONE

aware of = IN ON, Everton’s lead = E

DT 27011

Agreed to make reparation (5) = ATONE

split 2,3 (see above and cf. AS ONE)

Worried constantly by son getting caught (7) = SNAGGED

worried constantly = NAGGED, son = S

DT 27012

Victorian female? (6) = SHEILA

someone from the Australian state of Victoria

DT 27013

A service provided by headmaster of yesteryear (6) = ARNOLD

service = RN (Royal Navy), ancient = OLD,headmaster of yesteryear = Thomas Arnold

Green crop either side of river is stuff that’s wasted (8) = SPOILAGE

green crop = SILAGE, river = PO

Unoficial act we might deduce? (7) = WILDCAT

reverse anagram wild cat = ACT

Unruly local teens gathered round end of street in cluster (11) = CONSTELLATE

unruly = anag. (of local teens t)

Motorway arrest with one having top speed in that vehicle (7) = MINICAB

motorway = MI, arrest = NAB, top speed = C (speed of light)

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