DT 26904

Good rule to start with: go gently with lovemaking in cafe (6,5) = GREASY SPOON

good = G, rule to start with = R, go gently = EASY lovemaking = SPOON – not sure you want to look that up on the internet.

One’s advance to embrace sailor left anchored (9) = IMMOVABLE

one’s = one is = I am = IM, advance = MOVE

Taps skill to make barrow (8) = HANDCART

taps = hot and cold = HANDC

Lies in wait wanting first of kid’s pet’s (5) = SULKS

lies in wait = skulks, wanting = deletion

lovemaking = SPOON
one’s = I’m
taps = HANDC
PET = sulk
SKEWBALD = Anything but black and white; horses colouring/pattern cf PIEBALD

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