DT 26899

Chap’s remorse ultimately evident in ministers house (5) = MANSE

What by implication, could be images for modern movement (3,6) = NEW AGEISM

Reverse anagram? NEW = anag. (of images)

I am black, impeding sun’s return? (6) = NIMBUS

All in one? I am = IM, black = B, impeding = written inside sun’s return = NUS

Bird heading west across a South African village (5) = KRAAL

bird = LARK, heading west = reverse

Old-fashioned punishment could get a contrary English pupil working hard (5) = TAWSE

contrary = reverse, pupil working hard = SWAT (I think it’s SWOT and ODO agrees)

Old-fashioned punishment = TAWSE
ministers house = MANSE
South African village = KRAAL
service = MATTINS

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